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About Penn State University Uplifting Athletes

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The Penn State Chapter is holding a Touchdown Pledge Drive for all five games during the month of November this season. In order to support the Nittany Lions' efforts, visit the Penn State Chapter donation page.

Uplifting Athletes is a national nonprofit organization aligning college football with rare diseases. Each campus chapter is run by football student-athletes and works to elevate its chosen rare disease as a national priority through outreach, research, education and advocacy.

Our network of university chapters brings the mission of Uplifting Athletes to life.

As part of our outreach program, each university chapter is run by current football student-athletes and adopts a rare disease that has personal meaning to their team. These rare diseases affect less than 200,000 Americans and consequently little attention is paid to them.

College football players in each university chapter hold special events, fundraising campaigns or awareness drives to attract fans and media, making their chosen rare disease more popular and generating new money for research.

The Penn State chapter of Uplifting Athletes raises money and awareness for kidney cancer. Penn State was the original chapter of Uplifting Athletes, and since the Nittany Lions held their first Lift For Life event in 2003 the Penn State Chapter has now raised more than $1 million for kidney cancer research.

As the largest private donor to the Kidney Cancer Association, the Penn State Chapter has played a role in bringing seven new kidney cancer treatments to market for patients since 2003.

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