When most players receive a scholarship offer from Notre Dame, and they want to play for the Fighting Irish, the decision to pack up and head to South Bend is pretty easy. That was not the case for Dexter. In order to pursue his dream of obtaining a degree from Notre Dame and to play for the Fighting Irish, the native of Orlando had to leave his Mom’s side.

Dexter’s mom Cheryl was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis following a series of strokes in 2006.  The Williams family has endured the fight with this rare disease together for more than a decade. And in 2010, Cheryl nearly lost her battle with myasthenia gravis.

Dexter came home from school and as he bent down to give his mother a kiss, he found her unconscious laying on the couch. Cheryl was rushed to the hospital and spent nearly three months on life support. Their bond was tight, but Dexter went to Notre Dame. In 2016 Cheryl was well enough to attend a game in South Bend and saw her son score a touchdown. After he crossed the goal line, Dexter pointed right at his mom who was crying in her seat.