As the head football coach at first Florida State and then Texas A&M, Jimbo is all about winning and finding ways to overcome obstacles to win. Ever since his youngest son, Ethan, was diagnosed with the rare blood disorder Fanconi anemia in 2011, what it means to win has taken on a whole new meaning for the National Championship winning coach.

As a way to not only support his son in his rare disease battle, but for all Fanconi anemia (FA) patients, Jimbo and his family worked together and formed a team to start a national foundation called Kidz1stFund in August of 2011 to support Fanconi anemia patients by funding research. Jimbo knew his platform as a major college football head coach was an avenue to spread the word about FA and raise awareness.

In support of his coach’s family, former FSU tight end Kevin Haplea formed an Uplifting Athletes chapter in Tallahassee to honor the Fisher family and let them know the players cared. Jimbo said what Kevin did “caught him off guard” but said it was “touching.”