Rex didn’t realize an innocent lunch with a stranger would have such a huge impact on his life. Until he met a young Huskers and Rex fan named Jack Hoffman. Jack had just recently been diagnosed with a rare pediatric brain tumor called low grade glioma. Jack’s ultimate dream was to meet the Nebraska running back. Rex made sure that happened.

Andy Hoffman, Jack’s father, says Rex took an interest in Jack and almost instantly they became buddies. And the cause became personal for Rex. He wanted to help and encouraged his teammates to wear wristbands for a game in honor of Jack.

Rex followed up with Jack numerous times on the phone and in person, even calling Jack days before a second scheduled surgery in Boston. It meant the world to Jack, knowing that Rex cares so much.  The Hoffmans are confident that Rex made a difference in their son’s life. Rex went on to a successful NFL career including winning a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, continues to be involved in Jack’s life and supports the Hoffman family.