Casey was a standout quarterback as a freshman in high school before being diagnosed with the rare disease osteosarcoma. Athletics were a big part of his life up to that point – Casey also played ice hockey, lacrosse, ran track and took up golf for which he was named all conference his senior year.

When you spend 165 nights in the hospital over the course of 17 months you learn something about yourself. It appeared his football playing days, the sport he loved the most, were over.  All those nights in the hospital gave Casey time to think and he came up with a plan to become a holder.

Casey, who is a four-time rare cancer survivor, was a holder for his high school team his final two years and walked on the University of Minnesota with the intention of playing for the Golden Gophers. On October 19, 2019 the redshirt sophomore earned his first official snap as a member of the Minnesota football team when he held for the extra point at home against Rutgers.