Ju’Juan and his wife, Brandi, are no different than any other parents. When their son was diagnosed with Hodgkin nodular lymphoma in early 2015, the Seider’s became a family on a mission to help Jaden in any way possible to battle his rare form of cancer.

Jaden spent nine weeks in the West Virginia University Children’s Hospital right across the street from the Mountaineers stadium. Learning from the inside about the staff and people at the hospital inspired Ju’Juan and Brandi to do more and help other families in similar situations.

The West Virginia football team, where Ju’Juan was a coach at the time, became a strong support element for the Seider family, helping to bring awareness to rare cancers. This was still about Jaden and his battle, but, through this, the Seider’s learned they had a platform that could be used to help others.