In the summer of 2009, Scott was the quarterback for the Wisconsin Badgers when he met Jaxson Hinkens and learned the young man had high-risk, stage 4 neuroblastoma. Jaxson’s uncle had promised him a Badgers football helmet autographed by all of the quarterbacks. The school went one step further and brought Jaxson down to the field and introduced him to the players.

Jaxson and Scott immediately hit it off. Scott called him after games, visited him in the hospital and other players began to build relationships with Jaxson, too. Jaxson’s treatment plan was a grueling 15-month journey that included high-dose chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, a stem cell transplant and immunotherapy.

After his initial treatment, he was a healthy, athletic kid for three-and-a-half years. But all that changed when the cancer returned. And Scott was still there for him. Through the painful ordeal, the friendship of Scott helped lift Jaxson and his family.