During the offseason between his junior and senior year at the University of Utah, the versatile linebacker/defensive end saw his world turned upside down when Trevor and his wife Jessica found out their 11-month old daughter, Shayn, was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Trevor said playing through his junior season with a torn ACL was easier than watching his 1-year-old daughter battle kidney cancer.

Following surgery to remove a tumor from his daughter that Trevor says was the size of his fist, the Reilly’s spent every Friday over the next four months taking their daughter to chemotherapy treatments. Then Trevor would head to football practice, battling internally where his focus should be. It was a rugged treatment protocol, but Trevor’s strength and courage never wavered. He remained committed to his family and his teammates.

Before the final home game of his senior season, Trevor let everyone know who the real fighter was in his family when he entered the field with Shayn on his shoulders.